CIBM trainees are expected to gain knowledge in Biomedical Informatics, Biostatistics, Biological Sciences, and Computer Sciences. The CIBM Management Committee periodically reviews each trainee’s course curriculum and expects that approximately five or six courses will be taken to fulfill the core curriculum of CIBM. Courses taken as an undergraduate can be used, pending approval, to satisfy the CIBM course requirements, or substitutions made with the approval of the CIBM Management Committee.


Trainees are required to complete required courses, the CIBM Seminar Series, the CIBM Annual Meeting, and a CIBM Annual Review to fulfill the CIBM Training Program curriculum. Students must receive a grade of B or better for a course to count toward the CIBM requirements. Students should also note that the University of Wisconsin-Madison requires that PhD students complete a minor, which typically involves four courses (12 credits) taken outside of ones home department. Courses taken can count for both the PhD minor and for the CIBM requirement.